Industrial Shock Absorber

 // for Automation & Production

KRAUSSE Shock Absorber 2012 (DE )
Application Sheet ( DE )

KMS - Series

KMA - Series

self-adjustable shock absorber

adjustable shock absorber

KHA - Series

KHG - Series

adjustable shock absorber
( High-Energy Series)

Heavy-Duty Buffer

KHS - Series

KHV - Series

Heavy-Duty Buffer

Hydrostatic / Viscoelastic Buffer


              KHP Serie              

Stacker Crane Buffer

Crane Buffer / Polymer-Buffer

Customer advantages

  • short delivery time due to optimized generous warehousing
  • full range of products to get the right solution for most applications
  • optimized global customer support due to decentralized sales network
  • tailer made products are available in a short term of max 4 weeks
  • we offer you a high level of quality both in completion and in processes
  • KMS and KMA series are as well available in stainless steel 
chart of Single Orifice
chart of Multi - Orifices

Basics - KOBA industrial shock absorber

Industrial Shock Absorber & Buffer

The advent of high speed equipment and machinery has brought with it numerous problemsassociated with slowing and stopping masses of various forms. The hydraulic shock absorberhas proven itself to be one of the most satisfactory products of solving these problems, yet the shock absorber still remains as one of the least understood fluid power components.

A shock absorber is a device which produces a dissipative (non-recoverable) force over a given
displacement to absorb energy and remove it from a system

Advantages by using KOBA industrial shock absorber :

  • extended life cycle by minimizing shocks and vibrations, reduced operating and maintainance costs.
  • productivity increases
  • speads up processes due to less downtimes .
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