Wire Ropes

 // for Production & Automation

KRAUSSE GmbH has been established as one of the leading companies for shock and vibration isolation with compact and wire rope damper with more than 40 years of experience 

KRAUSSE wire rope damper are especially suitable for sensitive application e.g. electronic devices



KRAUSSE Wire Rope Damper







KWR Serie

KCR Serie

Mounting Options

Compression and Roll

Shear / Roll

Tensile Load

Compression 45°

Specifications we confirm :

Military :
AECP-1, DEF-STAN 00-35, DEF-STAN 07-55, DEF-STAN 81-41, GAM EG13, MIL-STD-810,

Marine :
AECTP200, BV043, BV044, BV045, BR3021, D-03-003-007, DNV95-0421, FNHQ, IEC945, IT1586, IT2521, IT9631, MIL-STD-167, MIL-STD-901, NAV-30-A001, RAR, STANAG4142, ...

Packaging Industry:
ASTM D4169, ASTM D4728, ASTM D990, ASTM D999, GAM EMB1, GAM EMBT4; STANAG4280, STANAG4340,

Railway Industry:
CE1373, EN50155, NF01-510, NF60-002, RIA20, ...

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